Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Woodchat Shrike - Torver, Cumbria - 9th May 2006.

This 1st summer Woodchat was present in a Sheep enclosure adj to Torver Low Common nr Coniston. Favouring isolated hawthorns, the bird wasn't showing as close as i had hoped it would, without entering the enclosure which I assumed was private.

A non-birding local told me the bird had been heard singing on occasion, and therefore a male, but from plumage I couldn't sex it as such - if indeed it is possible to confidently sex non-singing 1st summers with the appearance of this bird in the field?

Common Redstart, a stunning male Whinchat and Yellowhammer were all singing in the vicinity. Also, Common Buzzards and a pair of Raven overhead. A quite stunning location.