Thursday, February 15, 2007

Lucky Sparrowhawk - 15th Jan 2007.

This is one of the luckiest Sparrowhawks alive. Whilst driving along the A678 from Rishton Reservoir - Jcn 6 of the M65, I noticed a bird apparently dead in the road. Upon driving past I realised it was a Sparrowhawk, and a very fresh, untouched corpse I thought. So I drove around Whitebirk roundabout to pick up the corpse which seemingly took forever and i was convinced that it would be crushed by traffic before i could return to the scene. Upon arrival back I drew up alongside, and looked at the corpse, which then suddenly moved. It was alive! - I leaped out of the car stopping the traffic and retrieved the bird which amazingly, appeared to be only heavily stunned. As I was supposed to be on the way to work, I rushed to my parents house where fortunately the bird recovered sufficiently to fly off into some trees after 20 mins. My good deed for the day complete and a real privelage to hold such a superb species.