Friday, June 29, 2007

More Scottish images from May 2007

Although about as record shot as you can get the above two photos, taken at c2km range in breezy conditions with coolpix hand-held to the scope shows a Golden Eagle, first seen flying down a valley, then deliberately homing in and landing next to a herd of female Red Deer. Initially the Deer were very nervous as the Golden Eagle paced menacingly towards them on the ground, but as with humans when we enter a field of Cattle, the Deer eventually approached and virtually encircled the Eagle which then made off up the hillside. A fascinating 20 mins viewing. For size, the black dots close to the Eagle are a Carrion Crow and a Hooded/Carrion Hybrid.

Meadow Pipit nest.

Haven't checked but was told this rather spectacular larva is that of the Northern Egger Moth.

The Old Man of Hoy as viewed from Dunnet Head on the Scottish mainland.