Sunday, November 11, 2007

Spurn - 11th Nov 2007.

Above: Little Auk - Spurn, East Yorks - 11th Nov 2007.
Despite feeling a little under the weather the previous evening, I still awoke early and made a snap decision to drive to Spurn for a few hours seawatching.
From Sandy Beaches Caravan site I recorded the following from 09:00-14:00. Wind N, F4, 4/8 cloud, occasional squally showers.
Black-thoated Diver: 1 juv north close inshore.
Red-throated Diver: 2 > S.
Diver sp: 1 > N.
Little Auk: 13 > N, 62 > S. Multiple birds were also noted on the sea.
Puffin; 2 > S.
Razorbill: 1 > N.
Skua sp: 1 > S distant. Gut feeling was Pom.
Grey Phalarope: 1 1stw > N.
Purple Sandpiper: 2 on concrete tank blocks, then > N.
Brent Goose: 9 > N, 3 > S.
Mallard: 1 > N, 3 > S.
Common Scoter: 1 > N, 2 > S.
Goldeneye: 1 drake on sea.
Red-breasted Merganser: 1 drake > N.
Kittiwake: 9 > S, 4 > N.
Woodcock: 1 > 'in'.
Asio Owl sp: 1 > 'in', distant over Warren.
Starling: 17 > 'in' - Four flocks.
I decided to travel home whilst it was still light and recorded two inland Little Auks in the process. One flew low over the road in front of the car on the outskirts of Ottringham and appeared to crash land in a field on the opposite side of the carriageway, whilst another flew at height over the dual carriageway by the Seven Seas factory nr King George V dock on the outskirts of Hull, heading towards the relative sanctuary of the Humber. If I was (un)fortunate enough to see two from the car, how many more of these poor little blighters must be wrecked inland?