Sunday, January 06, 2008

Local Birding: Eastern Jackdaws & Long-tailed Duck - 6th Jan 2008.

John Wright and I spent 4+hrs looking at the Jackdaws frequenting the Sheep fields adj to Withnell Landfill Site. Two well marked eastern birds were in view at the same time, whilst at least four other potential candidates with much weaker markings were also noted. Bright sunlight hampered attempts at picking out all but the strongest marked birds for much of the time, the above videograbs of the latter were only obtained mid-afternoon when some welcome sustained cloud cover arrived, essential light conditions when looking for these birds.

Late afternoon saw us nip to High Rid Reservoir and the 1stw female Long-tailed Duck just over the border in Greater Manchester, whilst the journey back saw us call in at a local Barn Owl site where one bird was quartering away as the light faded.