Saturday, February 23, 2008

Local birding: YL Gull & Med Gull - 23rd Feb 2008

A fine adult Yellow-legged Gull first located on the water off the JJB car park at 17:35 by Cllr Wright, was also seen distantly on the roosting roof by Mark Fanshawe and Myself from the bank of Guide Res. Unfortunately the light had deteriorated to the point where a videograb would not have done justice to this smart bird, so I made no attempt. Two adult Med Gulls also roosted, one in virtually full summer plumage except for a pale area at the base of the bill (above) and another, much less advanced individual. The YLG brings the Gull total to ten species since 1st Jan.

The Tockholes Great Grey Shrike was looked for by several observers during the course of the day, but no joy. With no known sightings since Wednesday, has the bird moved on? Only time will tell.