Sunday, July 13, 2008

Gannet - Lower Foulridge Reservoir, Lancs - 13th July 2008.

Above: 2cy Northern Gannet, Lower Foulridge Reservoir, Lancs, 12th-13th July 2008.
Found early evening of the 12th by Burnley birder Gary Waddington, this bird to the best of my knowledge represents the first truly twitchable Gannet in East Lancashire. Indeed it was an East Lancs tick for some local birders of c40 years standing.
I arrived at 10:20 on the 13th to be confronted by the surreal sight of the bird on the water and at 10:42 the bird took flight, gradually gaining height as it did ever wider circuits of the reservoir until finally seen circling away to the east, at great height, at 11:03. I left feeling optimistic that the bird stood a decent chance of making it back to the coast, and it came as some surprise mid-afternoon to hear it was back on the reservoir!
EDIT: The bird was last seen heading SW at 15:43 on 14th July. Hopefully it made it back to the coast.
Above & below: Ringlets, 15+ were in a small grassy area nr Rowley Lake, Burnley.