Friday, October 07, 2005

Spurn - 7th October 2005.

A return to Spurn started with more views of the really interesting grey & white eastern race Flava Wagtail on the north side of kilnsea followed by 6 Yellow-browed Warbler's during the course of the morning: 1 Cliff Farm, 4 Kilnsea Churchyard and 1 in the Sycamore behind Bluebell Cottage. Late morning brought news of a Dusky Warbler between wire dump and the Lighthouse. Although calling frequently, the bird was very elusive, resulting in just one satisfactory view of the bird and no chance of any photos. A Spurn tick. The juvenile Gannet above was found at the very top of the beach under Kilnsea cliff. Clearly the bird was unhealthy to be in such a position, but it still appeared fully alert and relatively strong, so I picked it up and placed it back into the sea where it swam purposefully offshore. Hopfully it will stand a chance of recovery.