Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Stilt Sandpiper - Conwy RSPB, North Wales - 12th July 2006.

Stilt Sandpiper has been one of my most wanted UK birds for years, so one in the NW of England for a change was too much of a tempter. Very poor views were had of the bird initially, as views through the visitor centre windows at Conwy RSPB hopelessly distorted the bird into an unidentifiable blur as the bird fed and roosted amongst c20 Redshank in a corner of a reserve pool. After a few hours the birds shifted position and started feeding in better light giving very satisfactory scope views from our new viewing position atop a grass mound outside the reserve centre.
Also, present were 3 Little Egrets in a Heronry across the estuary. One pair had bred this year.