Sunday, November 18, 2007

Hume's Warbler - Penrhyn Bay, Conwy - 18th Nov 2007.

Above: Hume's Warbler - Penrhyn Bay, Conwy - 18th Nov 2007.
Above: This blurred image does show the leg colour well.

Above & Below: Hume's Warbler location and twitch - 69 Penrhyn Bay East, Conwy - 18th Nov 2007. The bird frequented the trees in the front garden.

A hastily arranged twitch down to North Wales late morning with Councillor John F. Wright and Dave Bickerton for this, only my third Hume's Warbler, saw us arrive onsite at c13:00hrs. After less than a ten minute wait, the Hume's began calling and proceeded to give very good scope views in trees in the front garden of the above property.
Considered by Councillor Wright, who has seen many abroad, to be at the brighter end of the scale of Hume's, the bird still appeared colder and more washed out on the upperparts, particularly the crown and nape, and tertials than Yellow-browed with a reduced median covert wingbar, largely dark bill (this individual showed a restricted pale area to the base of the lower mandible which apparently some Hume's can show), pale cheeks and dark legs. The bird also showed fairly colourful flanks and vent, both of which contrasted with the off-white belly. The Hume's was extremely vocal at times, calling on c50 occasions whilst we were there.
Afterwards, we called into Llandulas on the way home. Many distant Common Scoter could be seen offshore as well as several Red-breasted Merganser and a single Great Crested Grebe.