Sunday, January 13, 2008

Local birding: 10th-12th January 2008.

10th Jan: Saw more Nordic Jackdaw searching at Withnell Landfill. 2+ well marked birds were noted before the local gamekeeper/land manager appeared equipped with a portable hide and shotgun intent on setting up bang in the centre of the fields where the Gulls loaf and Corvids feed with the mission of shooting/scaring as many as possible on behalf of the farmer. At this point I left and drove to Brockholes where the Green Sandpiper remains on the back sludge tanks. Adult Med Gull roosted at Fishmoor Res, but again few large Gulls to go through continuing the apparent crash in the numbers of the larger Gull species locally this week!
Green Sandpiper - Brockkholes Quarry - 10th Jan 2008.
11th Jan: A lot of effort with scant reward. No Corvids or Gulls at Withnell Landfill ... It appeared the guy shooting the previous day had done his job well! Whinney Hill Tip was the next port of call, but no Gulls were apparent and precious few Jackdaws to look through.
At this point Allen Holmes texted to say the Higham GGS was showing, so off I went spending the next three hours dipping the bird despite extensive searching from Grove Lane. Two Snipe, 20 Siskin and 1 Stonechat was the best I could muster.
Now 15:00 paranoia dictated that I had to get back for the last of the Fishmoor roost and headed back to the car. John Metcalfe was cycling along Grove Lane and a conversation ended with me saying "I wouldn't be best pleased if he rang me as I arrived back at the car to say that the Shrike was showing"... This is exactly what happened.... aaarrrgghhh! The final nail in the coffin was a sum total of just 20 large Gulls to roost by 16:30... absolutely woeful!.... One of those days!
12th Jan: Mid-afternoon saw a quick dash over to Grove Lane for the GGS which had been showing all day. The bird was never close but at least it was in view allowing a token videograb.