Thursday, March 06, 2008

Local birding: Nordic Jackdaw - 6th March 2008.

Its been some time since any Jackdaw flocks co-operated for me at Withnell Landfill Site, but today c100 were feeding in adj sheep fields. This Nordic bird was by far the most well marked bird I saw in the fifteen minutes before two almighty, ear-drum shattering rockets from the Landfill Site exploded in rapid succession at 12:30, scattering the Gulls and Corvids for miles around, inc 1 Raven. I left shortly afterwards, but returned at dusk to see both the Barn Owl and a Little Owl in fields between the A675 and the Landfill Site. The Barn Owl has been present all winter according to the Farmer and great to have this species so close to home.

In between visits here, another 30 minutes hopeful scanning for the Tockholes Shrike drew another blank with nothing of note at the Fishmoor Res roost either.