Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Local birding: Brockholes Quarry LWT - 15th July 2008.

The first autumn flock of Dunlin (7) included a colour ringed bird. Hopefully the poor videograbs taken on very high magnification will be enough to clinch the details, given it took nearly 2.5 hours to obtain these!

Details as follows, as best as I could make out.

Left Leg: No ring on Tibia. White over Blue on Tarsus.

Right leg: White (poss metal?) ring on Tibia. Blue over White on Tarsus.

I can't recall ever personally having seen a colour ringed Dunlin before and would love to clinch this. Will update blog entry in due course if successful. A Hobby over Preston Old Road at Hoghton on the drive home was a nice bonus.