Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Hawfinch fest - Bowness-on-Windermere - 26-27th March 2006.

My first trip out of East Lancashire since December saw Pam & I on a weekend away at Bowness-on-Windermere, Cumbria. A flock of 9 Hawfinch in and around the grounds of the property we were renting was an outstanding bonus!

The initial sighting was somewhat comical in that I was stood staring out of the bedroom window, overlooking the magnificence of the grounds and views of Windermere itself, having just arisen from bed and wearing nothing but my 'birthday suit', when to my astonishment, a Hawfinch suddenly appeared in a tree directly outside the window!! - What followed was a frantic dash around the house, still wearing the same 'non' attire trying desperately to find and grab my scope, bins and camera!! - To my utter frustration, the Hawfinch had flown upon my return.

Luckily more birds were found during a walk of the grounds, and viewable with ease all day, with a maximum of 9 birds in total present late afternoon. The Hawfinch were feeding on the buds of Trees.

Next day, Sunday 26th March, having satiated myself fully on more views of the Hawfinch, Pam and I ventured the one mile distance to the shops at Bowness-on-Windermere. Upon parking at Rayrigg Rd pay & display car park, I immediately heard a call in the adj trees, looked up and there was another Hawfinch - amazing! It didn't end there.

Now on full Hawfinch alert and armed with my Bins and camera, we ventured around the shops. I kept one eye on every tree, hoping for more Hawfinch.

Whilst stood by the boat-hire cabin at Bowness waterfront I saw a chunky finch fly in a tree within the grounds of the Belmont Hotel. The bird landed in a tree behind the Golden Fountain Chinese Restaurant. As expected from the jizz, it was yet another Hawfinch, and was shortly joined by a second bird. Both Hawfinches then preceded to fly over the shoppers and into the Yews in the grounds of St. Martins Church, oblivious to the traffic and shoppers - remarkable!

What a 24hr Hawfinch fest. The only disapointment was the utterly dreadful light and rain which prevented any decent images with the dSLR. I had to content myself with camcorder videograbs.

If only this had been in East Lancashire!!