Friday, March 07, 2008

Local and Noth Lancs birding inc Chough - 7th March 2008

What was presumably the same Nordic Jackdaw as yesterday was present amongst lesser marked birds at Withnell Landfill and a check of the available Gulls revealed nothing of note until, as y/day, bird scaring rockets exploded overhead ruining any chances of further scrutiny.
Steven Flynn and Bill Berry were down at Brockholes, where earlier Steve had seen an adult Med Gull, and a spare of the moment decision was made to try for the Warton Crag Chough.

Above: 1stw Little Gull - Heysham Outfall
Below: 2nd summer Med Gull - Heysham North Harbour Wall
Enroute we called into Heysham reserve which produced highlights of single Little Gull and Med Gull . Thanks to PJM for assistance in accessing various areas of the site.
Not realising time was pushing on, we didn't leave the Heysham area until almost 16:00, arriving at Warton Crag Quarry at 16:25 to find the Chough showing well to birders already present, but at 16:40 the bird vanished into one of the holes in the quarry face circled in the photo below and had not re-emerged by 17:00 when we left. Raven and Peregrine were also seen overhead.

A quick scan of Pine Lake revealed c20 wigeon, 1 Goosander, but not the hoped for early Sand Martin.

Back at Brockholes Quarry, 127 Curlew, a few pictured above, came into roost by 18:25, as did 54 Oystercatcher on No1 Pit and a very respectable count of 46 Goldeneye.